Bali, The Favourite Romantic Places on the Earth

Bali is one of the most romantic places on the Earth. Bali is popularly known as the “Island of the Gods” for good reason. Abundant in flowers, intricate temples, prayer, and a rich and reverent culture that celebrates the essence of love. Our top ideas as to why Bali is so romantic revolve around the […]

Amazing of Nyepi Day in Bali

Nyepi is the “Bali’s Day of Silence” in the Balinese “Saka” calendar commemorating the start of the Hindu New Year. It falls at the time of the new moon in the months of March or April each year; and this year 2015 is the 21th of March. Nyepi is a day of complete silence: Balinese […]

Subak, The Balinese Traditional Irrigation System

Bali is renowned for the beauty of its sculpted rice terraces. These vibrant green plantings and layered mirrors unfold like giant stairways from the mountains to the sea. Known as ‘sawah’, the padi fields of Bali are a thousand years old, and achieved through an ancient system of aquatic engineering. Irrigation is critical to Balinese […]

Balinese Cuisine & freshly cooked foods

The rich array of food found in the rest of Asia is to many. Who come to Bali don’t experience authentic Balinese cuisine. Food plays a central role in Balinese ceremonies and offerings, food is seen more as a staple of life rather than a luxury. This is reflected in the manner in which the […]

Tip For Families travelling to Bali with children

Travleling to Bali with children doesn’t mean compromising on luxury. Many of the top luxury hotels in Bali realise the importance of catering for families travelling with their children. Kids clubs have evolved with time and a full range of different activities are provided to keep them entertained, with some resorts in Bali adding an […]

Tips when you go Honeymoon in Bali

Bali is the paradise for honeymooner that many couple wish to spend such a special occasion on the island. Bali is a tiny island but has so much wonderful things to offer. Bali Fantastic  tour  provide worldwide choice of honeymoon ideas. It’s mesmerized various views such as; beaches, mountain, rice field, and romantic place to […]

The Basic of Balinese Language Rules

Balinese language is another language entirely, it is not the same language as Indonesian. with a completely different vocabulary and grammar and much more complex rules for its use. Bahasa Bali is the native language of the Balinese people. The Balinese language has unusual sounds. Like as words that start with “ng”, which Westerners find […]

The Perfect Place for Your Stay in Bali

Most tourist choose to stay in South or Central Bali mainly for the location for easy access to many of the attractions in Bali. Finding the perfect place for your stay in Bali is not that hard of a task to achieve. It does take some time to explore the many places that are available […]

Tips that might help you when driving in Bali

For you that already know Bali area and frequently visit the beautiful place in Bali, such as, Ubud, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, and etc. You will be better to have a rental car and drive it by your own can be the best way. It will be more fun cause not only you can decide […]