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Balinese Offering Lesson US$65

Balinese Offering Lesson


Balinese Offering Lesson More In • Course & Lesson

Balinese Offering Lesson is making the offering that is a part of daily Balinese activities particular for the Balinese woman. The unique form from the ornament and it is made from the young coconut leaf. You will be guide by the Balinese girls from cutting the coconut leaf and designs it. The simple of the Balinese offering is called ‘Canang Sari‘. The indentation of the young coconut leaf and put the colorful tropical flower will make your Balinese offering are good looking.

Canang is a small, square coconut-leaf basket overflowing with a variety of brilliant flowers, whereas sari means ‘essence.’ The Balinese make canang sari offerings on a daily basis.

Canang sari embody Balinese Hinduism and the religion’s aim to make the world balanced through Tri Hita Karana. Parahyangan means ‘God’, Pawongan means ‘human’ and Palemahan means ‘nature.’ Tri Hita Karana is represented with a special three-piece component that is included in every canang sari. Nyoman instructed me to place this at the bottom, underneath the flowers.

The philosophy behind the offering is self sacrifice – it takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort to prepare canang sari, and as Nyoman attested (by showing her calloused and cut fingers) the offerings can also take a toll on their crafter’s hands.