The Werdhi Budaya Art Centre located at Nusa Indah Street is the heart Denpasar City of Bali Island. The Werdhi Budaya Art Centre was started in 1973 and finished in 1976. The Werdhi Budaya Art Centreits one of the largest and most complete in series of cultural centres built throughout the archipelago by the Indonesian Government over the last decade.

Designed by Bali’s foremost architect, Ida Bagus Tugur, the vast complex is apart from its very real cultural function, a showplace for Balinese Arts and Palace Architecture at its most opulent.

It is featuring the good lay-out building of amphitheater to be a place/hall of show performance purpose. It is symbolizing the twiddling of Mandara Giri mount in the milk ocean and spattering the Amerta holy water for the life of endless as according to nature of dynamic culture and stayed alive during the human being still dwell the earth planet.

The open stage Arda Candra with its towering candi gate and the almost rococo main Art Museum, sprawling park, Balinese pavilions and follies have, become a regular architectural attraction.

This amphitheater can accommodate up to 6.000 audiences for the show of colossal both for modern and also traditional.

Bali Arts Festival are held every year from mid of July. Bali Artistry Party (Pesta Kesenian Bali) within one month. On that month, there are full of entertainment amusement traditional dance, exhibition, and other cultural activities.

At the opening ceremony enlivened by artistic parade started from Puputan Park and finish at the Art Center. Its distance is about 2 Km and this parade is followed by entire regencies and towns from all over in Bali by delivering their artistry mission.

This event is often followed by other provinces in Indonesia as well as from outside country like Japan, Korea, Europe, America etc. In this culture parade is presented in so many forms those are from the sacral until contemporary traditional. There are also type of marry and custom clothes from each area, instrument of music or gamelan, forms Sesajen (offering) and others

The Art Centre has been home to the islands Dance Academy (ASTI) a tertiary level Conservatorium, Dance and Drama School for traditional Balinese Performing arts. With the islands Art Scholl situated next door, the center’s seminar halls and exhibition space are devoted to the encouragement and education of local art students.

Function of the Art Center Building

In the North is located the Gedung Kriya Uccaihsrawa building where the fine arts exhibition are held. Balinese and foreign artists exhibit there.

To The West of Gedung Kriya lies the two story Dewi Ratih Building. Which is used during the Bali Art Festival for an architectural exhibition on the first floor and a photography exhibition on the second floor.

The largest structure (7200 m2) by far is the giant crescent shaped Ardha Candra Amphitheater. A magnificent Candi Kurung’s gates, through which the dancers enter the stage, make up the background of the performances. The atmosphere is particularly impressive during the full moon or under the light of the projectors. This theatre can hold up to 6000 peoples.

Underneath the stage, facing North, West and ticketing offices and handicraft exhibition rooms for the various regencies of the island.
To the west of Ardha Candra Amphitheater is the Ksirarnawa closed theatre, which occupies a 5850 square meter surface on two floors. The theatre can contain up to 800 people, which is located on the second floor. The first one is occupied by the offices of the Art Center, a cafeteria, and several is also used for various handicraft exhibitions, the turn over of which is increasing from year to year, and they play a large role in the increase in non oil exports. Visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday.

In addition to these five buildings, there is a open air hall known as “wantilan”; it is used to hold performances where intimacy between performances and audience is desired, for example in Joged dance.

A floating pavilion (Bale Kambang) is also can be found in this complex. The Bale Kambang is situated on a pond with beautiful views of pond and its surrounding gardens – the garden itself is named Udiyana Ratmala. Three statues are found at the eastern perimeter of the pond; the statue of Bhagawan Gangga flaked by the image of Dewi Gangga Soma, protector of rivers, lakes and seas; and the statue of Dewi Giri Putri, protector of mountains and springs.

There are also several resting places (Bale Bengong) situated on the side of the road that divides the complex into two and parallel with the small river inside the complex. These resting places have excellent views of the gardens, river and the main courtyard.

Lack of parking place especially during Bali Art Festival is no longer a problem. Traditional Youth Organizations (sekaa teruna) of the surrounding hamlets provide and manage several parking places around the Art Center Complex.