A stunning temple that greets visitors with white stone entranceways, Overlooking the river Perancak, the temple is located close to a village of the same name, Gede Perancak, which was once an abandoned ruin.

Pura Perancak situated at shore in Perancak Countryside, Negara sub district and Jembrana Regency. It is set between two village who the villagers are having different religion those are Hindu and Muslim. It is blessed by the breathtaking view of Indian Ocean and blanked by the tropical atmosphere. It is set in the estuary river of Perancak where the fishermen boats are docking around it. It is one of the sacred Hindu temples in west part of Bali usually used by local Hindu people for worshiping to the god.

In order to reach the location of this temple which is also situated in the estuary of Perancak River, we have to go the west direction from Denpasar. There’s a good road for the car or motorcycle. After going through the journey within 9 Km from the district town, all visitors who visit this temple will arrive at non-irrigated dry field. This land is fully planted by the coconut trees with beautiful panorama, that gives a comfortable atmosphere.


There is from domestic source say, that the this temple’s name comes from the word Ancak (a tree name), because when Danghyang Niratha was crossing the Indian Ocean in west part to the island of Bali, that region is also known as Sagara Rupek. At first he arrived at the location, where the Perancak Temple is located now.

He waited for his wife and son, who were sailing with a leaky boat that had been patched by spool gourd leaf. Danghyang Niratha sailed up a bitter fruit Waluh (spool gourd) by using his both hand and feet as oar.

When he was waiting for his wife and son, he was sat under a tree, which is called the Ancak Tree and at the same time he had a conversation with a cow farmer. While he was sitting under that tree the Temple was built right on this location. This temple is named by Perancak Temple.
But in conjunction to other domestic sources, they also think that the derives of the Perancak Temple is coming from the name of this countryside, where he arrived at first and prayed while waiting for his family.
This temple was kept by a priest every day, who was waiting and monitoring everyone who crossed his way. The priest had to remind and admonish if there anyone who would pass and neglect to conduct the pray based on the regulation stated by the priest.

Dhangyang Niratha and his family continued his holy journey and passed this temple. When he arrived at this temple area, the priest as a temple keeper, who also observed everyone crossing this area, he admonished and asked to Danghyang Niratha to do his praying in this temple.
When he reached in a silent moment of praying, suddenly happened that the temple broke. When witnessing this inscrutable occurrence, the priest with all his supporter were feeling very feared and then they ran to his house. Meanwhile the temple priest was very brave and requested to Danghyang Niratha return the temple back to the perfection like previously.

Dhangyang Niratha finally fulfilled his request and then he did praying again. The the temple returned in his condition like previously. By blessing of his spiritual strengthens and chastity, the temple returned intact . The priest looked so happy to witness all this experiences, that Dhangyang Niratha gave the Kalpika to the priest in order to glorify as a proof, that he made a holy journey to this place.