Padang Bai Port Located in the Padang Bai village in the district of Manggis, Karangasem regency in eastern Bali. Bali Padang Bai represent a quieter beach than the other beach resorts in Bali. The trip can be taken about 1 hour from Denpasar.

Padang Bai beach is also known as a port of ferry that sail to Lombok island. Therefore, there are many tourists who will go to Lombok or who come from Lombok choose to spend time enjoying the attractions of this beach. Indeed, this place is one of the gates from-to Bali. The tourists also can see the fishermen activity and the boat activity at the port.

Bali Padang Bai has advantages compared to other beaches such as Dreamland or Lovina beach. It lies sheltered in a bay, there are a lot of black rock standing. These adds to the beauty of this beach resorts. In addition, Padang Bai also has a beautiful under water sight. There are a clean white sand too at the eastern side of Padang Bai beach. This place is often used for sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. Diving and snorkeling activities can also be done in the eastern hill of Padang Bai. In this area, you can enjoy many different types of tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs. Padang Bai is one of the best diving place in Bali. Fishing can also be done at this beach resort.

Besides its beauty charm, Padang Bai also a good beach for surfing. The best time for surfing is during the wet season which is around November to April. At these months, the wind direction comes from the west side of the beach and sometimes with a very strong currents.

Padang Bai is a tranquil fishing village set along a picturesque curved bay in the east of Bali. It has a lovely beach lined with fishing boats and makes for a relaxing few days in the sun. Traditionally little more than a transit point to and from Lombok and the Gili Islands, nowadays it has a laid back travelers’ scene with plenty of cheap accommodation, dining and a handful of lively beach bars.

Excellent scuba diving and snorkeling attracts a steady flow of visitors and it is also one of Bali’s most delightful spots to simply kick back and soak up the sunshine. Despite its increasing popularity, Padang Bai still retains much of its traditional charm. The beachfront transforms into a vibrant marketplace at first light as fishermen return with the day’s catch from a flotilla of brightly-coloured outrigger boats.

The town also has some historic temples overlooking the ocean and wherever you wander in town, the sacred volcano of Mount Agung offers an imposing backdrop.

It is a refreshing change of scenery compared to south Bali’s hectic beach resorts and is virtually free from the annoyances of noisy traffic and beach hawkers attempting to part you from your cash.

The pace of life is very laid back and provides the perfect environment for a few welcome days of pure relaxation. There is an excellent variety of beach cafes offering delicious home cooking at bargain prices.

Padang Bai is a busy port and the main departure point for travel eastwards to Lombok and beyond. Visitors can still choose a breezy hillside bungalow or a room right on the beach, all at unbeatable value. A short stroll off the beaten track will also discover some lovely secluded coves and imposing black sand beaches, often overlooked by some of the area’s most imposing Hindu temples