A new way for your family to enjoy the full waterpark experience. New Kuta Green Park is simply a wonderful place for the whole family to slide and ride the day away while here in on the Island of the Gods. With a total area of 5 hectares, The New Kuta Green Park is located in the scenic southern coastal region of Bali, in The Pecatu Indah Resort, next to the New Kuta Beach (Dreamland area) and with spectacular beachfront of Pecatu Indah Resort, New Kuta Green Park offers Water-filled fun for the entire family.


The water park covers 5 hectares of the Pecatu Indah Resort enclave. Twelve main water activities range from exhilarating rides to leisure attractions, while children’s playgrounds and an aviary provide additional entertainment.

New Kuta Green Park’s main water attractions include the Wave Pool, with an artificial wave generator where you can ride a special surfboard and pick up some moves. The Flying Fox enables participants to feel the sensation of flying through the air and over 200m of the scenic surroundings of the New Kuta Green Park, and a Bungee Trampoline invites adults and children to jump together and share the fun.

The Jalak Bali playground features a Kiddy Pool which is the best place for youngsters to splash to their heart’s content and wait for a Big Giant Bucket to spill its content over the pool. The Rajawali Slide splashes down from 10m high via a spinning slide. The Rangkong Slide follows the curvature inspired by the beak of a toucan or rangkong while the Merak Slide is inspired by a peacock or merak tail.

The Belibis River is the name of the Lazy River at New Kuta Green Park, an artificial stream for those who want to relax on tubes drifting on the water and under the sun. Either alone in a single raft or as a couple, the 300m river provides a mild, relaxing adventure through caves and occasional cascades and spouts.

New Kuta Green Park also features a Paintball War Zone. Various packages based on bullet purchases can be chosen. In addition to the extensive features, there is a lounge, locker rooms, photo services, souvenir shops and an aviary that houses many species of Indonesian birds.


Make your waterpark adventure at The New Kuta GreenPark one to remember. We offer many, many wonderful and exciting attractions to make your Green Park Day an unforgettable one. Our attractions are varied from the most adrenaline thrilling ones such as The Flying Fox, Paint Ball, Wave pool, and more, to more relaxing and youth orientated activities such as our Lazy River Ride and Kiddy Pool.


The 200 meters Flying Fox is one of our most popular attractions. For those who want to feel the sensation of flying over our beautifully scenic New Kuta Green Park as well as get an adrenaline rush. Swoop, swing and fly your way to a thrilling day on a flying fox that will make even the biggest adrenalin junkie jealous. Soar through the air and experience flying… if only for a short time. Fast, fun and exhilarating, a flying fox ride is one you’ll never forget.

(Wahana Belibis)

Adding to your New Kuta Green Park Day, try a relaxing trip on our Lazy River. You will be warmly drifting around our Park in an inner tube soaking up the sunshine ( most or the year round.) But be ready with to get cooled off from above with our cascading waterfalls. Fun for the whole family. With a special current stream to move you along and through amazing caves our 300 meter Lazy River is something all must try when coming to New Kuta Green Park.


The Bungee Trampoline is a great way to feel like you are flying! Riders can do straight vertical jumps off the specially designed inflatable trampolines or do tumble flips once their skill level increases. Each rider is attached to a bungee harness complete with bungee cords. The ride operator then uses the inbuilt winch to lift the rider to the ride start position. The riders bounce vertically off the trampolines while attached to the bungee cords.

Opening Hours

The New Kuta Green Park is ready to splash you out everyday, from 9 a.m up to 6 p.m.
It’s an endless adventure if you are ready to begin your quest in the water excitement.