Jemeluk Bay / Beach, part of the coastal area of Amed, features a high viewpoint from where you can enjoy the best seascapes comprising the beach dotted with traditional jukung fishing boats, and the majestic outline of Mount Agung in the distant background.

The viewpoint also features small sheltered areas and some gazebos where you can have a lazy siesta or enjoy a brief lunch before hitting the road again.

Jemeluk volved as one of the maritime tourism and is excellent for tourists and the archipelago. Located in the Village Purwakerti, Abang District, located about 19 ​​km from Amlapura City – the capital district -, 12 km from Tulamben, 33 miles from attractions Candidasa, and ± 78 km from Denpasar City. Sightseeing is included in the development of tourism areas Tulamben.

The main attraction of this tourist attraction is the underwater scenery that holds the potential beauty of the coral reefs with a wide variety of ornamental fish. The existence of coral reefs remain pristine pursued its preservation with the lives of fishermen and traditional salt-making activities by local communities are also the main attraction.

From Amed tourism attractions we can reach Taman Ujung Sukasada with the distance of about 1.5 hours through traffic lane to pass the eastern edge of the cliff east end of the island of Bali which has exotic scenery along the journey. Views of the high seas with boats lined dozens of fishing boats or become an attraction that will not be forgotten with a blend of panorama hills. In this place a lot of built villas and hotel accommodations and other lodging facility that offers diverse.