Iseh village is best known as its magnificent sightseeing and it takes 52 Km from Denpasar or 1,5 – 2 hours drive by car.  The distance of this object is about 52 kms from Denpasar and can be easily reached by public or private vehicles.

Some facilities are available in this object, such as small hotels with its rural air and art shops that offer the most famous product of this area which is known as “Endek Bali”, In those art shops we can find something to be brought home to remind us of this small paradise.

Iseh refers to a village that lies approximately 32km from Denpasar city within the Sideman District and is renowned for its handmade Endek and Songket woven textiles. These unique pieces of cloth are highly valued souvenirs, which are just as beautiful as the magnificent mountain landscape and emerald rice terraces that surround this area. Many long-term visitors are lured by the isolation and tranquil pace of this rural farming village.

This village is one of destination in hilly and mountainous area, with green, refreshing nature beauty and the climate is tends to cool and quite. There are also some of rivers along the village that suitable for trekking. The most people in Iseh village are farmer for plantation and paddy field.

Beautiful panorama with the very cool air located at the bottom of the slopes of Mount Agung terracing rice fields with the carpet is very beautiful. When you visit Iseh do not forget to see the process of making cloth and Endek songkets using traditional ways and that is very popular in Bali.

Everything in this village is about peace and comfort. Simplicity is becomes the precious thing to get while spending your vacation in here.