Butterfly Park Bali (Taman Kupu-kupu ) is an attractive park collecting many species of beautiful butterflies situated in the tranquility of Tabanan Regency. The park is set on 3 hectare lands with lush tropical garden surround it. Bali Butterfly Park is located 7 km to the north of Tabanan Town and existing in Wanasari Village, one of the traditional village in west part of Bali.

The park is secluded set from the local residents with lush tropical trees and flowers well planted as the habitats of the butterfly. It is one of the alternative place for you when traveling to west part of Bali while visiting other places of interest in this regency. You may also visit this park when joining Batukaru Temple Tour or Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Expedition by adding small entrance fee for the additional cost.

It will take about 1,5 hour driving from Denpasar City to locate this park until you arrive at Wanasari Village then find the signboard of Bali Butterfly Park set beside of main road from Tabanan to Penebel.

Butterfly Park Bali (Taman Kupu-kupu ) is a butterfly and insect conservation park by presenting any unique specimens through its park with 3,000 square meter wide. The park encourages you to the attractive of educational and inspiring tour experiences to see hundreds of butterflies from the 15 known species that could be found in Indonesia’s tropics, as well as other various insects and arachnids in extensive and informative displays. Bali Butterfly Park has been opened in 1993 following the International Butterfly Conference on that year.

The conference was held in Makassar, South Sulawesi to show that Indonesia is rich of insect and it should be promoted for the Indonesian peoples and improving the environmental awareness. The visitors should come earlier, preferably before 10 am when the most species are in active. That will be a great moment for watching siphoning off fresh dew and nectar process.

What to see at Bali Butterfly Park?

Besides many live of specimens, Butterfly Park  (Taman Kupu-kupu ) also has breeding space at the park. The place is fully filled by butterfly and cocoon. That might be a great luck when you are able to see directly transformation from cocoon to be a beautiful butterfly. Capturing a lot of beautiful moment with butterfly are great to do at this park.

Bali Butterfly Park also has a cave as an habitat for other insect specimens such as the common birdwing (Troides helena) and the Bali peacock (Papilio peranthus) and the majestic paradise birdwing (Ornithoptera paradisea).

The unique and odd-looking stick insects, leaf insects, scorpions, large hairy spiders and various beetles are displayed in glass cases. There are also available collections of dried butterfly and insect specimens (butterflies have varying but naturally short life spans) which can be also sold for souvenirs, set in glass frames at the out gate.

Bali Butterfly Park is also serving as a research center for national and international researchers and academics. The Trip in this park could be a great educational trip about insect life cycle especially in Butterfly.