Bukit Asah located in Bugbug village, Karangasem – Bali, is a beautiful place where now more and more visitors who come to enjoy its natural beauty. As the name Bukit (Hiil) Asah (flat) , Bukit Asah which means that there is a plateau on a hill . We can see from the height of the hill Sharpening beautiful sea views. Sharpening Hill View can provide a calm atmosphere after your busy life every day.

Bukit Asah hill only 4 km from the famous tourist attraction that is Candidasa , which is also located in the village Bugbug . If you are to Karangasem , you can stop to visit the village Bugbug 3 pieces of interesting sights that Candidasa , Tourism Bukit bias Bukit Asah and white beaches known as the virgin beach Karangasem.

A stunning and unique place that mainly the locals go to. Its about a 1.5 kilometer walk from the carpark ( or get one of the locals in the carpark to take you on a motorbike). Its one of those walks that starts going downhill, so be prepared to walk back up afterwards. So worth it though, with beautiful ocean views and the view back towards padang-bai making it worth a look. Great photo opportunities, and its a view that not a great amount of tourists get to see. The track isn’t paved so wear appropriate footwear. Plenty of little huts selling drinks and snacks as usual in Bali so don’t worry if you forget to pack water.

This is a perfect place for those who are seeking a silent and a peaceful scene. Green hills with the exotic expanse of blue sea. Not to mention the ornate high cliffs surrounding, they look so beautiful framing the sea coast. The blowing cool breeze adds the relaxation moment while hearing the roar of the ocean waves. The atmosphere is still fairly quiet as not many people know exactly the place, making it the right choice for those who want to retreat from the frenetic city. Recommended time to visit is during sunrise.

If you want to enjoy a perfect view of the sunrise, you can come to Bukit Asah Bugbug village before 6am. From the top you can see the hill Sharpening the publication of the sun perfectly like red light emitting from the sea to the sky. Because Hill Sharpening is a plateau, recommended to use a jacket if you come in the morning before 6. Nice view overlooking Virgin beach from one side and pantai Bugbug from the other side. Very calm and relaxing with many shady spots, but the down side is the tough road to reach it, with no facilities at all on the hill, apart from some deserted shops and local food stalls.

Bukit Asah Bugbug village can be reached by motorbike, car and bicycle scoop. If you want to exercise, you can also take a short walk around 40 minutes of the hillside village Sharpening Bugbug. Although the road is still passable by one car, but road travel towards Bukit Asah was not until standstill. Along the road approximately 1 km, where the road to the Bukit Asah has been made by residents of Bukit Asah mutual cooperation. Bukit Asah Village travel now Bugbug increasingly crowded because residents there worked together to organize the road and the environment there