Desa Bedulu is one of the villages in Bali located in Blahbatuh sub-district, Gianyar district, Bali Province. The distance of the village from Denpasar city is about 27 kilometers with 50 minutes ETA and it’s quite close from Ubud tourism village.

Like other villages in Bali, There’re “ Balai Banjar” that use as a center for that banjar community to do their activities such as discussion (sangkepan desa), sport, and ect. There’re eleven banjar in the village, they are : Banjar Marga Bingung, Tengah, Goa, Batu Lumbang, Lebah, Pekandelan, Taman, Mas, Wanayu, Tegallinggah, and Marga Sangkala.

Bedulu village is not only fame as a tourism village that rich for its culture but there’re another tourism object that rich for its historical value. In Bedulu village, there are quite a lot of tourism object that famous both domestically and internationally. The most famous tourism object in Bedulu village is Goa Gajah, this particular tourism object has been visited by both foreign and domestic tourists a lot.

Other tourism object in the village that also famous are “Yeh Pulu”, “Pura Samuan Tiga”, “Candi Tebing”, and so on.

The village is full of cultural shades that provide a beautiful panorama and offer a particular archaeological tour. When entering this village, a visitor will feel the atmosphere of countryside which is remain natural and beautiful, despite being pretty much modernized. The society following the tradition inherited by their ancestor, and they try to maintain it as well as they can. The constructions of some houses are still traditional, represent a harmony social interaction and it might be possible those things are rarely seen in other village in Bali.