Many tourists come to Bali and their activities are mainly concentrated on southern strips of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak. If you take the time to travel 2-3 hours away from these touristy spots, East Bali boasts splendid mountains and seas in an unspoilt old Bali scenery that is really charming and mesmerizing

Take part to a Culinary Adventure

Someone once said, “You can see the characteristics of a culture by its local food”. East Bali provides several unique ways to enjoy the fascinating and authentic Balinese food. At Amlapura village in the East of Bali, are organised different culinary experiences, combining cooking classes to trekking, biking, or even fishing. What a better way to cast your own fishing nets, taste the freshest from the ocean while enjoying the views of Mount Agung!

One of those unique experiences featured in this area is to taste Balinese Royal Megibung dish after a short trek to Lempuyang Temple. Witness pandan forests, vanilla vines, and orchids are along the way. Lempuyang Temple is nestled in the northeast Mount Agung, 1.058 above sea level. Those efforts will definitely awaken your appetite and you will appreciate tasting this Royal Megibung lunch (food platter for royal family).

Enjoy A Romantic Journey

East Bali is also considered by many as a romantic destination; simply for its beautiful coastline and rice paddies. Spend a romantic and cultural weekend in the peaceful village of Sukahet Sari, Sidemen. This village is at the foothills of Mount Agung, and it provides an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate, surrounded by fresh air and lush paddies. Imagine waking up next to your love ones and being greeted by rolling greens and the morning sunshine. What’s more, you can opt for a pampering day in Sidemen combining spa treatments to an intimate candlelight romantic dinner amongst the rice fields (this comes with a bottle of wine and shall be the most a memorable and intimate moment!).

Discover the countryside life of Sidemen

Who says staying in the countryside is boring and uninteresting? In Sidemen, you will find these stereotypes debunked. Spend a day discovering and immersing yourself into the Balinese daily life. During this day, you will prepare those colourful Balinese offerings, learn about Arak (Balinese traditional alcohol), and take part to other Balinese daily activities from the rice fields to cooking together in a traditional Balinese kitchen.

As you engage casual conversation with them, you will learn that everyone has a story to tell and it is so fascinating to see a different culture and tradition through their eyes. If you converse with them often enough, you can even pick up the local language!

Join interesting local workshops

In Sidemen, you have several choices of workshops to learn more about the village way of life. One of them is Arak (local alcoholic beverage) tasting workshop. This workshop teaches you how Arak is made and will definitely delight the cocktails and alcohol enthusiasts. For those who are interested in traditional handicraft, you may join to daily offering preparation of handmade palm-leaf decoration. Otherwise, you can also choose to be an assistant to a local blacksmith where they make traditional tools. You get a chance to produce your own and bring it home as a unique souvenir.

Explore The Eastern Bali Coasts

A basic or advanced license for diving in this site is required especially if you would like to dive deeper into the 30-metre-under-the-sea heritage. Book here your diving experience in Amed. To see thousands of vivid-colored coral reef. For non-divers, snorkeling tours in Amed are also of those must-do in East Bali. Join this snorkeling tour to Lipah Bay and Pondok Vienna Beach, Amed. It is slightly different than the wreckage site and snorkeling is one of the most amazing you can find in Bali

Endure The Lifetime Excitement in Amed

As mentioned before, Amed is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience and a true hidden gem of Bali. If you wish to Snorkel in the average depth of 18 meters, supported by temperatures of 27-30 Celsius, and a visibility range from 15-25 meters. Other things worth trying are free diving in Jemeluk area, and yoga and meditation courses where the setting is perfect for some peaceful reflection.

Conquer The Great Mount Agung

Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali standing at 3,142 meters above sea level. To pursue its landscape of magnificent sunrise, you should join an overnight trek starting at around 11 PM due to the 5-7 hour climb.

Sense Cultural Experience in Tenganan Village

Fancy some history and tribe culture? Tenganan village is the place where you belong, then. Located in Manggis area, Tenganan village is not an ordinary village. It has played an important role in Balinese royal age. From the village, you will easily step forward to other heritage sites such as Goa Lawah, Taman Sukasada and Tirta Gangga. These places open the gate to historical preservations complete with culturally in unique backgrounds. Get ready to indulge in the fascinating architecture, mystical story and lively neighbourhood.

Motorbike to thrilling spots

Strolling around places by motorbike is rather normal in Bali. How about taking the adrenaline a notch up by dirt biking along beaches, villages, jungles and other exciting East Bali spots with a Kawasaki. Definitely an adrenaline filled moment & a must do Bali experience to enjoy with your friends!

Special for ladies: Spend a day in a Balinese beauty salon

After all, the hectic schedule, nurture your body with some East Bali traditional wellness and beauty supply of healing herbs. A special program related to this regime can be found in Amlapura regency at Gelumpang Village.