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Night Market

SeriritNight Market

Seririt is a sleepy old market town and the former commercial center of Buleleng, located about 16 km west of Singaraja near the villages of Banjar and Dencarik at the north coast of Bali. Seririt lies at a T-junction with Pemuteran and Gilimanuk to the west, Lovina/Singaraja to the east and Pupuan/Tabanan to the south. Seririt is the third town of Bali. Although an earthquake in 1976 destroyed many of its buildings, the Dutch colonial past of Seririt is still apparent by the architecture of the buildings that survived the quake.

The popular night market of Seririt is located in the center of the town. During the day time Seririt is a sleepy little town but during the nightly hours this rural town comes to live when hundreds of mainly local people frequent the busy night market of Seririt.

According to the local people, the market is during the nightly hours sometimes visited by wong samar, invisible beings that every now and then appear in the physical world as people without an upper lip, clothed in rags. An encounter with a wong samar may result in a gift, which should always be accepted.