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Serangan IslandThe Turtle Island

Serangan Island better known as Turtle Island, is a 379 hectares island located just 250 metres off the southeast coast of Bali. The size of the island was 112 hectares before the reclamation took place in the late 90’s which included a road project connecting the island to Bali. The beach of the island is one of the preferred points to practice surfing.

Serangan Island is also famous for the Balinese people as the location of Sakenan Temple, one of the most visited temples for religious purposes on the southern part of Bali.

The Temple of Sakenan was established on a small island of Serangan in the southern part of Denpasar by a priest of Danghyang Dwijendra. To access this place is done by boat cross a narrow strait full of mangrove trees, and it takes about 20 minutes. Or, it can be done by cars area used

In the evening people come for fishing on the mangrove beach at the temple side. Hundreds devotees from all over Bali visit the temple on Kuningan Day because on the same day is also the day of the temple’s anniversary. Kuningan is the day devoted to Vishnu who brings prosperity to the world. To the Balinese Hindu, the day of Kuningan is a time for commemoration because their ancestors return to the sky after dwelling in the Earth.

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