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SanurBest For Sunrise Watching

Sanur once a small fishing village, but was increasing with the arrival of tourists. Especially in the recent years is strongly grown by the arrival of the hotels. Sanur is located on the southeast coast of Bali and has been able to maintain its traditional character. Sanur, however, his modesty preserved by the government's decision to prohibit buildings higher than a palm tree (15 meters). Partly of these low buildings it is a popular place.

Sanur the best locations for sunrise watching in Bali include the collection of main beaches along the western coastline. Some of these spots feature several temple landmarks that add an exotic silhouette to the dramatic postcard pictures that will stay in your lasting memory.

Some beaches offer unobstructed sea and sky panoramas with fiery streaks of cloud layers, while others have the lone golden disc behind tiered shrines. Such sights are simply not to be missed in Bali.

Sanur is a beach-side city that actually has quite a nice ocean to swim in, especially when the tide is in. When the tide is out, the water will come up to your knees for at least 100m if not more. The beach sand is quite clean.
The beach is white and the opportunities for swimming near a coral reef are good, the waves are not high and the water becomes slowly deeper and deeper. This makes Sanur Beach suitable for families with young children. The long white sand beach is protected by the coral reef. The sea is calm and shallow. At low tide, wide strips of sandy mud and hundreds of meters of coral are exposed. At high tide, however, all water sports are possible. At the beach are much jukungs: typical Balinese fishing boats with a triangular sail.

Between the beach and the hotels of Sanur is a long footpath. The scenic route runs from the main beach Jalan Hangtuan in the north to Jalan Mertasari in the south. The trail offers excellent photo opportunities, as well as a wide range of shops and eateries. It is especially popular in the morning.


Sanur is one of the few places in Bali where you can dine directly on the beach
If you want to see the city, there are many possibilities. There are bike-, motorcycle- and car rental. Taxis run regularly through the streets. You can use the local bemo (bus) to try, but do not drive according to a timetable and you are so lucky to get one. Walking is the best way. Nothing is too far and everything is easily accessible.

The town is also known for its artists who experiment with all kinds of art forms and new techniques since the sixties. Next to the Bali Beach Hotel is the house of the Belgian painter Le Mayeur the Merpres. He settled in 1932 in Sanur until his death in 1958. When his wife, Ni Pollok, died in 1985, the house became a museum. The museum can be visited and you will see many post-impressionist paintings by Le Mayeuron of his journeys in Europe and Africa. The subject of his paintings are often his wife.

Thousands of kite fans gather in Sanur each year for the kite festival. The annual kite festival on the beach of Padang Galak, just north of Sanur is a must. It takes place every year in July. Traditional Balinese kites are handmade and some are 10 meters tall.
The beach resort is located close to the airport (18km) and close to the busy Kuta (5km). The area is stunningly beautiful with its beautiful scenery and nature.

In Sanur are many restaurants with delicious and exquisite food. At the Hawker Stalls you can eat for little money. Hawker Stalls are proper, traditional and they have local dishes. There are plenty of Indonesian restaurants, but there are also, for example Italian restaurants. Typically, the Indonesian food is much cheaper than the Western cuisine. For five euros/dollars you have already a meal. There is even an Indonesian restaurant with a Dutch touch: Rasa Senang, known for its rice dishes (rice tafel).
Most bars in Sanur are located on Jalan Danau Tamblingan. In the bars, you can enjoy your favorite drink, some bars have every night "live" music. There are also bars at the beach with a beautiful view over the sea and where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Sanur is also a good base for day trips to sites elsewhere on the island.

For orchid lovers, a visit to the orchid garden Bali Orchid Garden, a short distance from Sanur, is a must. In a quiet and beautiful setting you will find many common and rare species of orchids from all over Indonesia. Also other beautiful tropical plants can be seen and with any luck you'll see the giant Amorphophallus titanum from Sumatra bloom. This strong smelling plant can reach a height of 1.80 m!

Very interesting is also a walk or a boat trip under the guidance of a knowledgeable guide along the mangrove forests of Sanur. Especially in the morning, you'll see a lot of birds and you'll learn about this special ecosystem, which is a breeding ground for many fish, shrimp, crabs and birds.

The Pura Blanjong (Blanjong Temple) is particularly known for the oldest known Balinese artefact. In fact, inside the temple is called Prasati Blanjong. The Prasati Blanjong is a pillar with an inscription, in which the story is told of a Javanese king. This king came in the 10th century came to the island and formed the first known government in Bali

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