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Balinese Art and Craft Market

Tampak Siring
A sacred of Water Spring

Heart of Balinese Culture

GianyarThe Center Of Arts & Crafts

Gianyar is a regency in Bali Province of the Republic of Indonesia, Gianyar regency is also known as the center of art in Bali. Apart from that, Gianyar Regency also has many interesting tourist attractions to visit for those who are on holiday in Bali island. Gianyar regency is located approximately 33.2 km or 1 hour from Denpasar city.

Tourist destination in Gianyar regency which is famous in the world is Ubud which is one of the most visited tourist destinations on the island of Bali.

Gianyar has many artists such as painters, dancers, sculptors, etc, so the people call Gianyar regency is the central area of ​​art in Bali.

One of the dances of Bali which is famous throughout the world is The Kecak dance that is believed to be born and first danced in the village of Bona, Blahbatuh, Gianyar in the 1930's by an artist I Wayan Limbak in collaboration and supported with an artist from Germany named Walter Spies.

Gianyar Regency has many areas that become the center of arts & crafts, such as Batubulan and Singapadu village which are well-known for the art center of sandstone carving, Celuk village which is famous for the craft of making gold and silver jewelry, Batuan and Ubud are famous for the style of art painting, Mas village renowned as the center of the craft of wood carving, masks, and furniture. Bona village famous for the handicrafts woven from palm leaves (ental), and Belega village which is known as the center of bamboo crafts (bamboo chairs & table).

Places of Interest in Gianyar Regency

Gianyar has a lot of attractions and tourist destinations that are worth to visit to fill a holiday in Bali. The tourist destination such as Ubud is very famous all over the world which is already equipped with accommodation facilities, from 5-star hotels to the ordinary lodging and homestay that allows travelers to choose according to their budget. Apart from that, Ubud also has many villas, restaurants and cafes/warung that provides international food menu or traditional Balinese food as well as Indonesian food in general.

Below are the popular tourist attractions in Gianyar regency, Bali. Some of the places are archaeological sites, sacred places (temples), zoos, rice terrace, museums, etc.