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CandidasaThe lotus lagoon

Candidasa is located in the Samuh neigborhood of the Bugbug Village, 12 kilometres southwest of Amlapura, the main town and capital of the Karangasem regency. It was formerly known as Teluk Kehen (Kehen Bay), but since the tourism industry was introduced the name was changed to Candidasa.

Candidasa is a small coastal village in the island's east that faces the Lombok Strait and features a scenic backdrop of the island's mountainous highland. It used to be the most popular destination among day-trippers in East Bali for its amazing white sandy beaches.

The name Candidasa is derived from 'Cilidasa' meaning 'Ten Children.' A shrine in the eastern part of the village, on a hillside under a cliff, looking out over a spring-fed lotus lagoon emptying into the sea, was founded in the 11th century. At street level is a statue of the giantess Hariti, a fertility goddess, surrounded by her many children.

Childless couples often come to the temple seeking help from this goddess. A long flight of steps leads to the upper level of the temple, which contains an old 'linga'. Its 10-tiered gateway is one of the few instances of an even-number employed in religious architecture.

The lotus lagoon, which provides a spectacular sight with its expansive body of water filled with pink and fuchsia lotuses, and a small garden island with statues at its centre.

The lagoon is free to the public, and is accessible from the roadside. Across the road on a higher elevation is the temple that the area is named after, featuring twin shrines under a densely forested hillside. From here, you get a better perspective of the whole lagoon, including a glimpse of the sea and the small offshore rock formations iconic to the Candidasa seascape.

On the beach, there is a tide, just like on a normal beach. At high tide predatory waves pound the seawall, chasing beachcombers to higher ground. At low tide, the beach west of the lagoon is only eight meters wide and you can walk as far as 50 meters on the shelf (wear sneakers) and observe rock pools and reef life. During all but the rainy season, the water is crystal clear. Cement walkways and sitting pavilions surround the inland lagoon at the east end of town-the beautiful lagoon, with its tepid water, is also the village bath.

To prevent further erosion, huge horrendous T-shaped concrete breakwaters were built.

Sunbathing is best on the seawall. Take in views of the rocky Batu Manggar islet offshore, watch the wind and rain chase fishing craft across the sea. On calm days you can swim out past where the waves break, over the fringing reef about one-quarter km.

Candidasa can pamper travelers with the charm beaches. 

Here tourists can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise, sunset even more beautiful if seen in Candidasa, because the Sun would look more round and also to add to that already set still looks reddish rays in the sky so the atmosphere is given very romantic, and the location is very suitable in enjoy by married couples, or being in deep love, because it is a very romantic place will add to the feel of the warm togetherness

If the tourists want to see the sunrise with a very precise moment, you can see it in the tourist area of Candidasa, located on the east side

Candidasa Bali tourist attractions are tourist attractions that can make a vacation place in cool, besides travelers can enjoy the white sandy beaches that have the waves are not too big and clean, the tourists can spend a full day to play, and the games they provide also a lot, such diving, canoe, fishing, snorkeling and diving.

Even tracking activities that can be enjoyed on the hills and in the sights of Candidasa, Bali also offers all the facilities need, says transportation and lodging that needed to support the tourist activity.

Candidasa Bali tourist attractions is also a tourist spot is located adjacent to other tourist attractions such as the Taman Ujung, Tirta Gangga Waterpalace and many more tourist attractions place close to Candidasa.

Attractions in Candidasa and the nearby areas in Bali’s eastern region range from mysterious temples that make up the list of must-see landmarks in Bali, ancient villages seemingly untouched by modernity, and a variety of beautiful landscapes and seascapes of this secluded and laid back coast.

Candidasa also serves as a great stopover along tours to the north-eastern parts of the island, such as the island’s major dive sites of Amed and Tulamben. The main Jalan Raya Candidasa road traverses through the region and it is a good base to discover the exotic and less-explored highlights of Bali’s remote east.

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