Bali is an alluring, safe, and profound place in which to find yourself and discover depths you never knew existed. Traveling as a woman alone is empowering and incredibly liberating. Where no one knows you, you have a chance to recreate yourself, and perhaps because the concept of traveling as a female solo is culturally foreign to the Balinese, you will be met with unparalleled kindness and a feeling of safety in the Hindu culture.

Exploring as a solo female traveler in Bali is truly a privilege and an experience many yearn for. Purifying, cooking, healing, adventuring, shopping, offering, wandering, eating, nurturing and learning in your own company is the best gift you can gift to yourself. In Bali, the veil between spiritual and material is thin. Particularly when traveling with the openness going it solo, the island is guaranteed to transform you, as though she knows exactly what you need.

Wondering what to do and where to go when exploring Bali alone? We have compiled the ultimate guide for self discovery and expansion in one of the most welcoming places on Earth.

Purify Yourself

Continually infused with wafting incense, Bali is a place where the very air itself feels pregnant with prayer. It is a place to step out of the mind and into the stillness of body and spirit. The perfect way to prepare yourself for the journey is to visit the water temple. Tirta Empul houses a holy water spring which feeds various purification baths, pools, and fish ponds. Ancient and mystical, the temple dates to around 962 AD and provides holy water for priests and a site of ritual purification for the Balinese.

Be sure to dress in a sarong, and begin by making an offering at the main temple before immersing yourself in the crystal clear waters, thought to have curative properties and bring blessings of good fortune and health. While the site is seeped in the energy of ancient ritual and meditative practice, it also presents you with the perfect opportunity to perform your own personal ritual and let go of all that no longer serves you, a great way to kick off solo travelling in Bali!


Bali offers an array of adventurous activities that will get your adrenaline pumping and offer you the perfect opportunity for solo female traveler in Bali to work through fears and ignite the dormant fire within you! Depending on what “floats your boat” you might try paragliding, whitewater rafting by night, horse riding, or even sea walking!

You could even adventure off the island and meet fellow solo travelers by joining a cruise to the neighbouring Island of Lembongan. Imagine yourself on board a luxurious catamaran and making lifetime connections while on your way to an island of stunning beauty and colourful underwater gardens. It doesn’t get any better than this!


Bali, particularly the town of Ubud, is a shoppers paradise. With stylish boutiques and eclectic shops you will surely ending up buying another suitcase as well! The local market houses a wide variety of colourful sarongs, many of which are made of silk, and crotched tops galore. For a more upscale experience, you might also visit the high end shops of Seminyak. Traveling as a solo female in Bali is the perfect opportunity for some retail therapy at your own pace and for as long as your heart desires!

Make an offering

The act of making a colourful offering of woven palm leaf, flowers, and food is rich in symbolism and deeply embedded in Balinese daily life. To take a workshop in offering making is an unforgettable immersion in Balinese culture and may even influence your own personal practice of seeking balance in your life.


Bring out your inner chef and take home skills to last a lifetime by taking a Balinese Cooking Class. Indonesia is made up of 6,000 inhabited islands and over 300 ethnic groups, contributing to a cuisine of diverse cultural influence and intense flavours. During a cooking class in Bali, you are likely to find yourself in a rustically charming semi-outdoor kitchen, overlooking terraced rice paddies and nearly drunk with bliss at the wafting aromas, simmered in the traditional way.

You will visit the markets with a local, opening up a whole new world of previously unknown spices, fruits, and vegetables. Creatively inspired by a culture that brings art into all it does, you will experience cooking with fragrant seeds, roots, and vegetables all enriched by germination in mineral infused volcanic soils. Among, all the options of things to do when travelling Bali as a solo female, cooking is a wonderfully nurturing and indulgent activity.


Bali is the perfect place to let your inner voice guide you and delight in the discovery of the unexpected. Rent a scooter for a day and armed with your GPS, just drive! You will be amazed at what you might uncover as the streets are full of vibrant culture and ceremony at every turn. If you prefer to be on foot, stroll the rice paddies around Ubud for a tranquil and reflective inner experience that can be incredibly special to experience as a solo female traveler in Bali.

Nurture your mind, body, and soul

Ubud is a special hub of yoga, meditation, and personal development, all ideal activities for a solo female traveler in Bali. You might also delve into natural beauty and learn about making plant-based face creams, scrubs, and beauty masks. In a workshop to empower your radiance, you will also learn massage techniques, Balinese healing secrets, and even get a one hour facial massage!

Learn & Grow

Develop a new craft and also master the art of decision making with endless opportunities for learning that include a Silver Making Class, becoming a Balinese rice farmer for a day, making your own perfume, or learning about mask carving, Balinese Batik making, Lontar Weaving, Fruit Carving , Bamboo Carving, Stone Carving, Wood Carving, Ceramics, or Photography. The options are endless! You might also get into your body by taking a Traditional Balinese Dance Workshop and then round it all off by letting loose in ecstatic dance at The Yoga Barn.