The War of Rattan (Gebug Ende)

Various unique and interesting traditions can be found in Karangasem – Bali. One of them is a tradition characterized by vivacious heroism remaining to exist in the community until these days. The home of ‘War of Rattan’ or  “Gebug Ende” is situated at Seraya Village, the eastern tip of Bali (Karangasem regency). This eastern tip is […]

The Art Of Mepantigan Bali

Mepantigan is a form of Balinese martial arts that involves similar physical techniques to those found in self-defense traditions around the world. But Mepantigan extends the form by also drawing upon Balinese drama, contemporary dance, and gamelan music, fusing fighting with the performing arts to create an entirely new cultural phenomenon. Participants wear uniforms consisting […]

Bali, The Favourite Romantic Places on the Earth

Bali is one of the most romantic places on the Earth. Bali is popularly known as the “Island of the Gods” for good reason. Abundant in flowers, intricate temples, prayer, and a rich and reverent culture that celebrates the essence of love. Our top ideas as to why Bali is so romantic revolve around the […]

Amazing of Nyepi Day in Bali

Nyepi is the “Bali’s Day of Silence” in the Balinese “Saka” calendar commemorating the start of the Hindu New Year. It falls at the time of the new moon in the months of March or April each year; and this year 2015 is the 21th of March. Nyepi is a day of complete silence: Balinese […]

Subak, The Balinese Traditional Irrigation System

Bali is renowned for the beauty of its sculpted rice terraces. These vibrant green plantings and layered mirrors unfold like giant stairways from the mountains to the sea. Known as ‘sawah’, the padi fields of Bali are a thousand years old, and achieved through an ancient system of aquatic engineering. Irrigation is critical to Balinese […]

Lontar Bali, The Palm Leaf Manuscripts

Balinese use specially processed palm leaves known as lontar to record details for future preservation. Lontar (Palm leaf manuscripts) functioned like a book used by Balinese community to record every event and immortalize literary works. On the palm leaf is inscribed any proceedings so that they can be learned by the following generations. Lontar is […]