Whether you are looking to share new year moment with the rest of the world or rather spend it privately with your loved ones, Bali will allow you to end of year the way you like while enjoying its wonders. Only in Bali can you decide to spend New Year’s Eve on top of a volcano or on a party boat, in a remote village or in the busiest club… Whatever suits your fantasy is available in the Island of Gods. We hope that our Balinese spots selection will help you to decide where to spend New Year’s Eve in Bali so you get off to a good start!

A popular destination all year long due to a unique mix of culture, nature and entertainment, Bali reaches a pick in fragmentation when comes Christmas Holiday season. Millions of tourists from all over the world are then converging on the resort island to experience the magic of New Year’s Eve in tropical fashion. All sort of parties are held in the south of Bali and it can be tricky to find the one that suits your mood, so if you’ve planned to finish this year on a high note we encourage you to take a look at our selection of 5 Balinese spots where you can spend an amazing New Year’s Eve.

Seminyak & Legian: where the party never stops!

Legian, the party zone located in the city of Kuta where many foreigners love to hang, is never a disappointing destination for clubbers. As for Seminyak, it ranks as the trendiest area on the island where the most hyped bars and restaurants are located.

On New Year’s Eve the whole zone from Kuta to Kerobokan becomes the place to be for party people. Our tip for you is to reach the sector pretty early so that you avoid the serious traffic jams inevitably congesting the region on this day (roads are usually shut to vehicles from the middle of the afternoon). Inconvenience avoided, you can focus on the fiesta. Your options are wide, from partying on Double-Six beach to joining the crowds in the main night-clubs of Legian, the fun is everywhere and even spread to the streets as Seminyak and Legian turn into a happy village until early morning.

You might very well end up partying with complete strangers in a place you never knew before, as the small hidden streets are filled with tiny bars where everybody is one drink away from friendship… To sum it up: it’s a party wave night owls want to catch!

Share the moment with locals in Denpasar

Selamat tahun baru! It means “happy new-year” in Bahasa Indonesia and that’s what you are going to hear –and say- a lot if you decide to head to Denpasar and spend the New Year’s Eve in Puputan Badung Square.

The so-called square (which is actually a park) is located just near the biggest market of Bali, Pasar Badung, right in the center of Denpasar city. On New Year’s Eve it gets crowded as hundred of locals gather around the Catur Muka (four faces) statue until the countdown leading to midnight starts.

Then it is time to enjoy spectacular fireworks and address to your neighbors with the above mentioned sentence. If you arrive early, you will witness the parade led by religious leaders and pupils from the city schools that ends with a group prayer. Very spiritual and undoubtedly Balinese!

Special destinations for couples or families: Canggu & Jimbaran

Afar from the hectic gatherings in Kuta or Denpasar, Jimbaran beach is a great option for couples or families looking to spend the last hours  in luxurious fashion. There you can dine on the sand, enjoying the taste of your grilled fish with a nice view on the fireworks activity launched from Kuta. A similar experience but a different setup is awaiting spectators on the Western coast of Bali.

In the surfers’ favorite spot of Canggu Echo Beach they will enjoy a superb point of view over the pyrotechnic displays illuminating the sky of Bali while tasting a great selection of local and western food. If these options sound good to you we recommend booking your table early as you might end up short of dining options!

Re-discover Ubud on NYE

Bali capital of arts and culture turns into a party town for one night and the usual shows and demos that make the city so attractive are only getting more spectacular on this special day. Hanging out in Ubud you will have the opportunity to join one of the many parties that each and every bars and hotels are holding.

While the center of Ubud becomes the heart of the festivities with live music, traditional dances and gamelan performances, the rural zones remain as peaceful and relaxing as always, allowing early birds to quietly reach 2015. Ubud being Ubud, you won’t meet there your usual party crowd but an older clientele made of families looking to spend a quality time in a privileged environment.

Have it all in one place: Sanur

The resort city of Sanur is another option to consider on NYE. Its rather calm sea-front gets animated as tourists and locals meet on the beach to witness wonderful fireworks going on all night long. It is usually the platform for traditional performances featuring dance, masks and gamelan.

Hundreds of bars and restaurants are also holding special events on that night, yet you can choose to stay on the beach until the first sunlight appears in the horizon. It is such a mix of ambiances and activities that makes Sanur a great New Year’s Eve destination.