Balinese Bridal Tradition ( Payas Bali )

A Balinese woman hasn’t become the ideal housewife if she cannot do Payas Bali, a Balinese Bridal Tradition, the art of make-up and wedding attire in Balinese weddings. Looking through life in Bali, we can see how important the role of a woman is in most of the scenes. Since the beginning, to become an […]

The War of Rattan (Gebug Ende)

Various unique and interesting traditions can be found in Karangasem – Bali. One of them is a tradition characterized by vivacious heroism remaining to exist in the community until these days. The home of ‘War of Rattan’ or  “Gebug Ende” is situated at Seraya Village, the eastern tip of Bali (Karangasem regency). This eastern tip is […]

Gedong Kirtya Musium, Lontar Library in Bali

The word ‘lontar‘ is derived from two Old Javanese words, being ‘ron‘ (leaf) and ‘tal‘ (rontal tree). The word ‘rontal’ therefore means ‘leaf of the rontal tree’. The rontal tree belongs to the family of palm trees (Borassus fabellifer). Due to the shape of its leaves, which are spread like a fan, these trees are […]

Measurements for building Balinese House

A Balinese Bale is an open columned structure with roofing and may also be referred to as Gazebos, Belvederes, Garden Pavillions or Cabanas. Balinese people have a house called bale or pavilion. Designed for two seasons, it is thatched to generate warmth or coolness. The ones in original design remain to be found almost everywhere […]

Lontar Bali, The Palm Leaf Manuscripts

Balinese use specially processed palm leaves known as lontar to record details for future preservation. Lontar (Palm leaf manuscripts) functioned like a book used by Balinese community to record every event and immortalize literary works. On the palm leaf is inscribed any proceedings so that they can be learned by the following generations. Lontar is […]