Balinese food has long made a name for itself as one of the best food in the Asian region. But after that delectable meal, we all crave a good cuppa to prevent us from slipping into a food coma. Well, let’s be honest, we all need a cup of coffee most of the time – first thing in the morning, before meals, tea-time – it’s like we’re addicted to it!

So where can you get the best life-saving doses in Bali? From our list of recommendations of course! So next time you’re in Bali, check out these cool and nifty cafes, for some mouth-watering experiences.

Seniman Coffee Studio

You’d definitely want to take a trip down to Seniman for your coffee fix. Not only would you find this to be the perfect coffee house in Ubud, but soon realize what makes this place so special is their roasted in-house beans. Plus they have food menu items, free wifi, and is a great place to hang out. The best part about this place is that you’ll whet that appetite without causing a dent in your wallet!

But coffee isn’t the only thing worthy of boasting because their food is equally fantastic. This cafe takes food from Papua, Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra and Bali and adds a twist of Seniman to it for an exquisite taste. For instance, you can get sushi-roll-style-Gado-Gado and falafel pita, but whatever item you pick, it is very hard to find a disappointing item there.

Hungry Bird

If you’re a true-blue coffee connoisseur, then this is the place to be. Strategically located near the famous beach hang of Berawa, splendid coffee is always part of the menu. This can be attributed towards the fact that the owner himself is a coffee-lover. His deep appreciation for it is evident in the way he runs this place, from his care of the machines to his search for the best beans from all across the Indonesian archipelago, he’s got it all under wraps.

But apart from the honest treat of great tasting coffee, you can also feast your eyes on sun-kissed, half-naked individuals who frequent this place for their after surf grinds.


Simply put, Crate is the “It” place to be, that is packed with a whole lot of personality. This place exudes an unmistakable hippy vibe, that contrasts perfectly well with the charismatic decor of wood and concrete, a little roadside bunker, and the brilliantly done-up mural exterior. Oh and did we mention that all the good looking people in the vicinity seem to be here? We kid you not, you’ll find a great mix of modelesque girls and guys hanging out here, and to prove our point, simply head to their Instagram account @cratecafe and check out the people who hang out there.

But good looking people isn’t all what this place is about, you have a great menu of food and drinks, which is just as good looking as the people. The drinks are a colourful concoction of colour which are too good to drink, and so are their aromatic coffees. There is no set menu, so everything available for the day is written on the wall behind the counter. This means that the menu is ever changing and is largely dependent on the seasonal produce and ingredients for the day. We strongly believe that though the exterior invites people inside, it’s the good food, drinks and atmosphere that make people stay.


Making use of its strategic location beside Sindhu Beach, Luthu’s coffee shop has both indoor and outdoor seating. You can access the indoor seating via an alleyway, whilst the outdoor one is through the beach which gives you an unobstructed view off the sea. Their glass display of homemade cakes and pastries is a must try, alongside the excellent blends of coffee. A plate of carrot cake, apple pie or a mushy coconut cake is sure to tantalize your palates and make them lust for more. Oh, and don’t you worry our savoury-eaters, there’s a list of main menu and small bites for you too. These include light meals such as spring rolls, sandwiches and other food items – all of which are at excellent prices!

You definitely want to visit this cafe, for it offers a therapeutic time of basking in the Balinese sun. But do take note that sunset is when you really want to be here, because of the breath-taking hues of colours being splashed on the beach.

Bali Buda

Previously known as Bali Bunda, the owners of this cafe felt that a change was in order, so as to reflect their respect for Mother Earth. Bali, the place in which the owners live in, and Buda meaning Mother, serves to portray to customers that this cafe is about reducing the damage we do to nature.

Bali Buda spans across four areas, with an outlet in Ubud, Kerobokan, Bukit and Sanur, and due to expand in Munggu and in Batubulan thereafter. So what makes this cafe worthy of expansion? Our guess is the commitment to serving healthy food and the best coffees around. What’s more to love about this cafe is that they use biodegradable packaging, quality coconut and olive oil for cooking, GMO-free soy, rice and corn produce, and lastly 100 percent pesticide free produce. With all these factors, it is the perfect recipe for delectable and healthy food.

Butter Bali

Tucked in the streets of Canggu is this seamlessly charming indigo and white cake and coffee shop. Once this place has caught your attention, walking in will make you glad you came here: This place has a gentle quaint touch to it with hand drawn murals, a faux fireplace, and blue hanging teapots. Butter Bali is actually the dream of a Polish lady, who traded her corporate life in the bustling city for a coffee shop in the quiet island of Bali – and since 2011 hasn’t looked back.

The food here is said to be just as charming as the interior. You’ll find all sorts of coffees, teas, and titbits. Dig into popular bites like the cinnamon rolls, carrot and ginger cake, and savoury pies and bagels. By the way, each batch is baked every day to ensure her customers are served the freshest of products. Plus, there’s a small section of gluten-free and vegan cakes for those with dietary restrictions. Coffee lovers would love the Illy beans with Greenfields fresh milk or organic soy, else you can sip on loose leaf teas, while the little ones will gulp down the smoothies and milkshakes.


Anomali cafe is where you’ll find serenity for some great coffee and conversations. The industrial design exudes a minimalistic chic vibe, but that’s perfectly offset with the red colour, which breaks this routine thereby adding some spunk to it.

The coffee itself harnesses that honest taste that is made from 100 percent Indonesian roast. It’s freshly made using high-quality coffee beans, that’s perfected by passionate and friendly baristas. The machines that are used to make these fine pieces are equally impressive that produce the best coffee every time. Here is a cafe with no frills, whereby their drinks do their part in quenching your thirst, and food to whet your appetite.

Monsieur Spoon

This bakery is a haven for those with a sweet-tooth – macarons, various kinds of croissants, and viennoiserie swirls are just a few items you can dig into here. The goodness in this store shall ensure you’re back for more. But don’t fret if you’re a savoury foodie because they have great items like Croque Madame (toast, smoked ham, cheese, bechamel, and fried egg) and several kinds of quiche. That’s not all, they serve several kinds of sandwiches, crepes (both sweet and savoury), and large breakfast offerings.

By the way, even though this place acts like a bakery, anyone looking for a good cuppa can surely satisfy their taste buds with their beverage menu. From macchiato, to teas, jams, and juices, they have a whole lot! Most definitely worthy of a visit when you’re down.

Sari Organik

Unlike other cafes that are set amidst the hustle and bustle of the city life, or tucked away in a corner, Sari Organik cafe is actually located on an organic farm. About 800 meters, walking distance from the busy markets, here you’re surrounded with rice terraces that make you realize you’re chowing down a healthy meal. There’s plenty of menu choices that range from chicken to gluten free, and organic vegetarian ones too. When you’re there, don’t forget to try the Sari salad (freshly picked from the gardens in front of you), and Dairy free pizza (vegetables served on focaccia bread, with olive oil and spices).

This two storey restaurant is a must visit when you’re around the area. Apart from the unique cafe experience, the view is pretty magnificent too. You have the option of sitting indoors, or outdoors that overlook the gardens!


Here’s the deal with Watercress: They’re obsessed with their coffees. So much so that they hand carried their latté glasses from Australia because Indonesia didn’t have the right size! With so much attention to detail, you can expect nothing less with your coffee. The house blend is 100 percent Arabica from Colombia, Guatemala and Papua, while the milk comes from Australian cows imported into Java. You’ll hang on to every drop of coffee made here, for its wholesome goodness and aromatic tease.