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Planning your next island visit to coincide with any of the best music, food or cultural events and festivals in Bali? Good thinking. As well as the joys of sun, sea and surf on this holiday island, Bali also plays host to an annual array of events ranging from traditional local ceremonies to international festivals. Our good friends at The Lost Guide have kindly helped us wrap up a few of the biggies to see (or be been seen at) during Bali’s yearly events calendar.

Bali is one of the region’s premier destinations for events of all kinds. The combination of exotic tropical location, world-class food, luxurious accommodations and a distinctive local culture make Bali the ideal place to hold both local and international events. Whether you’re arranging a wedding, a workshop or a conference, Bali can offer the perfect venue and support.

Bali Fantastic  Events  offer  International Festivals and Conferences taking place in Bali. Note that the cultural centre of Ubud is fast becoming a magnet for New Age and spiritually inclined visitors to hold special events or simply to bask in the town’s unique energy. See our Retreats and Workshops Calendar for more details.